QRIC Stakeholder Reference Group

The QRIC Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG) was established in 2022.

The SRG is a consultative forum where key members of Queensland’s racing industry can come together to discuss industry objectives, opportunities and emerging issues.

It was created with the goal of enhancing engagement between QRIC and members of the racing industry, to ensure that stakeholder views are heard, understood, and properly considered.

The SRG is a key part of realising QRIC’s One Industry vision, allowing all members of the industry to unite in promoting and upholding animal care, safety, integrity, growth, and sustainability across all racing codes in Queensland.

The first meeting of the SRG was held on Monday 29th August 2022. At the meeting, the group endorsed the QRIC SRG Charter.

To contact the SRG, email: QRIC.SRG@qric.qld.gov.au

QRIC SRG Charter

August 2022 Meeting Pack and Minutes

November 2022 Meeting Pack and Minutes

March 2023 Meeting Pack and Minutes

June 2023 Meeting Pack and Minutes