How to pay

QRIC Payment Options

Payments to the QRIC can be made using one of the following options:

  • Online via the Bpoint payment gateway using your credit or debit card
  • BPay (existing customers only)
  • Eftpos (at our Albion office)

To ensure that the payment process runs smoothly, ensure that you know how much you need to pay and have your application form, penalty notice or invoice available when making your payment.

If you have an existing RandLE account, payment options are available from your portal.

BPoint Online Payments

In order to match payments, please include your full name in reference field 1.  All other fields are pre-populated where applicable.

BPoint – Licence and Registration Fees


TypePayment2023-24 Fee
LicensingKennel Attendant – 3 Year Licence$ 85
LicensingStudmaster Licence – 3 Year Licence$ 105
LicensingTrainer – 3 Year Licence$ 109
LicensingTraining Track Operator Licence Application$ 105
RegistrationsTransfer of Ownership Registration$ 44
RegistrationsNaming Application$ 69
RegistrationsBreeding Female Registration$ 287
RegistrationsRacing Lease Agreement Registration$ 35
RegistrationsMicrochip Order Form$ 11
RegistrationsReplacement Identification$ 48
RegistrationsWhelping Notice (14 days to 6 weeks)$ 113
RegistrationsWhelping Notice (after 6 weeks)$ 287
RegistrationsLitter Registration – Notified within 4 months$ 79
RegistrationsLitter Registration – Notified 4 to 6 months$ 229
RegistrationsLitter Registration – Notified 6 to 12 months$ 579
RegistrationsLitter Registration – Notified after 12 months$ 1,160
RegistrationsService Notice Registration (within 14 days)$ 21
RegistrationsService Notice Registration (15 to 28 days)$ 110
RegistrationsService Notice Registration (after 28 days)$ 278


TypePayment2023-24 Fee
LicensingDriver Licence – 1 Year Licence$ 26
LicensingTrainer Licence – 3 Year Licence$ 109
LicensingStablehand – 3 Year Licence$ 85
RegistrationsTransfer of Ownership$ 79
RegistrationsNaming Application$ 79
RegistrationsLease Application$ 79
RegistrationsDNA Genotyping – Stallion/Mare/Foal$ 113
RegistrationsFoal Notifications (registration & DNA)$ 224
RegistrationsColours Registration$ 143
RegistrationsColours Renewal$ 79
RegistrationsSyndicate Registration$ 143
RegistrationsSire Summary Sheet$ 50


TypePayment2023-24 Fee
LicensingStablehand – 3 Year Licence$ 85
LicensingTrackwork Rider Licence Application$ 63
LicensingApprentice Jockey Licence$ 149
LicensingJockey Licence$ 229
LicensingTrainer Licence$ 333
LicensingTraining Partnership Application$ 333
LicensingRider Agent Licence$ 317
LicensingApproved Promoter Application$ 229
RegistrationsThoroughbred Product Disclosure Statement$ 138


Payment2023-24 Fee
Bookmaker Clerk Licence Application – 3 Year Licence $ 85
Bookmaker Application (Individual) $ 2,764
Bookmaker Annual Assessment $ 346
Bookmaker Application (Corporation) $ 7,953

BPoint – Other Payments


Payment2023-24 Fee
Greyhound – Fines
Harness – Fines
Thoroughbred – Fines

Greyhound Adoption Program

Payment2023-24 Fee
GAP Adoption Fee$ 100
GAP Green Collar Assessment$ 80
GAP Green Collar $ 30

Other Payments

Payment2023-24 Fee
All Codes – Copy of licence$ 11

BPay payment facility

If you are an existing customer, payment can be made through BPay directly online, mobile or phone banking.  Use the BPay Biller Code listed below and your nine (9) digit Customer Reference Number located at the bottom of your invoice to make payment. 

Other Payment Types

The QRIC no longer accepts cheque and money order payments. 

Payments for activities such as insurance, merchandise or trade publication subscriptions are managed by Racing Queensland (RQ).  Visit the RQ website for information about these payments. 


For account enquiries, please contact QRIC accounts receivable on 07 3174 0507 or email 

For all enquiries regarding licensing, renewals or the application process: 

Call QRIC on: 1300 087 021 (8.30am – 4:00pm, Mon-Fri) or contact us via email: