The Racing Integrity Act 2016 and Racing Act 2002 regulate the manner in which licensed racing bookmakers may undertake bookmaking in Queensland. The Racing Integrity Act 2016 and Racing Act 2002 also contain specific provisions relating to the activities of licensed racing bookmaker’s clerks. Significant penalties including imprisonment may be imposed for breaches of the Racing Integrity Act 2016 and Racing Act 2002.

If you wish to participate in bookmaking activities and require further information please contact the Licensing department on 1300 087 021.

Forms on this site apply to incoming applications or transferals. If you are currently licensed and want to renew your licence for the upcoming season, offers will be sent to you closer to the expiry date.

Form name
Corporate bookmaker licence application (pdf, 396 KB)
Application for an approved telecommunications device for bookmakers (pdf, 414 KB)
Application for a bookmaker offcourse approval (pdf, 690 KB)
Bookmaker’s Clerk Licence Application (pdf, 304 KB)

NOTE: All PDF forms require Adobe Reader.

Telecommunications System Submission Requirement Checklist

Section 135 (2) of the Racing Integrity Act 2016 provides that a bookmaker licensed in Queensland may apply to offer their service online as well as on-course and over the telephone.

The Telecommunications System Submission Requirement Checklist is used to assess that an application for bookmaking over a telecommunications system, specifically online, is fit for purpose. The Checklist’s primary objective is to ensure the integrity of bets made, protect the money and privacy of persons placing bets and to ensure that the operation has the highest regard for the responsible delivery of wagering.

This approach promotes and implements best practice in online telecommunications in the following areas of:

  1. Integrity.
  2. Customer experience.
  3. Responsible gambling.
  4. Privacy; and
  5. Audit ability.

Initial and ongoing approval is subject to adherence to the conditions set out in the Telecommunications System Submission Requirement Checklist. In addition, the Commission may make an approval subject to further conditions not outlined in this document at its sole discretion.

Telecommunications System Submission Requirement Checklist

Standards and rules

The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission has approved new licensing standards that will be used to assess applications and renewals for participants in the racing industry. The licensing standards are based directly on the licensing scheme policy previously used by Racing Queensland.

Queensland Racing Integrity Commission licensing standards as at July 2016:

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