How to apply for an internal review

Applications for internal review must be lodged no later than 14 days after receiving notice of a decision.

Your application should include:

Applications must be evidence based which means that you must be able to demonstrate why your decision should be reviewed based on evidence such as vision or audio of a race, relevant documentation or other material outlined in your application. The reviewer may reject your application if you are not able to provide any evidence. It is worth spending the time to ensure sure your application is as factual and non-emotional as possible.

In certain circumstances you may be able to discuss the matter with a representative of the Commission in person or by telephone. However, this is not the default option for everyone who applies for an internal review. The key reason for applying for an internal review should be that you believe you have evidence contrary to the ruling made against you. To be successful with your application you will need to be able to demonstrate that evidence. Phone or personal interviews will be decided at the discretion of the internal reviewer and only if they believe that you have first demonstrated reasonable evidence to support your claim which requires further discussion. For more information view the Internal Review process principles (PDF, 100KB).

If you are appealing against the severity of a penalty you do not have to provide evidence against the ruling but you will need to outline reasons that you believe the penalty should be reduced.

There is no cost to submit an application for an internal review.