Two week amnesty called on horse retirement

The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) has called an amnesty for all Queensland racing industry horse owners and trainers to update their racehorse retirement data.

Judge Terry Martin who is heading the Inquiry into the treatment of retired racehorses and animal welfare concerns in dealing with retired racehorses at Queensland abattoirs, has written to the Commission seeking registration and retirement data. To meet this request and to provide the Inquiry with the most useful data the Commission will allow late retirement notifications for a period of two weeks from today 1 November until 15 November 2019.

The Inquiry which commenced on Monday, will benefit from having access to the most up to date data to investigate the welfare and treatment of race horses in Queensland.

The Commission will assist by calling on those responsible, to update their records as a matter of urgency without fear of any penalty during the amnesty period.

All thoroughbred and Standardbred racehorse owners and trainers must comply with their obligations under the Rules of Racing to retire their animals and most do, but it has come to light that the process is not being followed by some industry participants. This is an opportunity to comply fully within the next two weeks for those who have neglected their obligations.

The retirement process


  • Participants lodge directly with Racing Australia via  an online stable return or paper based RA form – then processed by RA staff in the national system (SNS)


  • Participants can use Harness Web to complete a deregistration or Death of a Horse under Rules 96A and 96B of the Australian Harness Racing Rules
  • A paper form can also be completed and submitted to QRIC.

For more information contact QRIC on 1300 087 021 or email