Toowoomba Trainers stood down after QRIC track work testing

Two Toowoomba Trainers have been stood down after screening positive in preliminary testing for prohibited substances.

The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) Integrity Investigations Team (IIT) conducted a no notice testing operation at Toowoomba track work yesterday when one trainer made admissions to drug use, another trainer screened positive to benzodiazepines and when breath tested returned an alcohol reading in excess of the permitted .02 threshold.

Both trainers were stood down pending confirmatory analysis. One track work rider screened positive to opiates but was not stood down.

The IIT operation saw 11 jockeys and 21 track work riders providing samples and breath tests and also resulted in two unlicensed track work riders being referred to the Stewards.

All samples collected yesterday will be sent to a laboratory for confirmatory analysis.


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