Sunshine Coast Jockey Matthew Powell admits to fake urine sample

The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) has disqualified Sunshine Coast jockey Matthew Powell after he admitted to providing a fake urine sample on two occasions.

Mr Powell pleaded guilty to two breaches of AR139(1)(b) at a Stewards Inquiry held yesterday, 29 August and will serve a one year disqualification for each breach, to be served at the same time, expiring on 29 August 2020.

AR139(1)(b) A rider breaches these Australian Rules if: (b) the rider refuses or fails to deliver a sample as directed by the Stewards, tampers with, adulterates, alters, substitutes, or in any way hinders the collection of, a sample or attempts to do any of those things.

Analysts found the sample Mr Powell provided was not consistent with human urine.

He admitted he substituted samples with synthetic urine on 4 August 2019 and 11 August, 2019.

If Jockey Powell demonstrates he has undertaken a sufficient course of drug rehabilitation and education, Stewards will permit him to reapply for a jockey licence on 29 May 2020 and be permitted to serve the remaining three months of his disqualification as a suspension from riding.

Rockhampton tests all clear

The Integrity Investigations Team and QRIC Stewards conducted a human sampling operation this morning at the Rockhampton Racecourse.

Fifteen participants including track work riders, jockeys and trainers were tested and there were no positive tests recorded.

The Commission’s no notice testing program occurs across the state and can take place at any time.


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