Strangles quarantine lifted for uninfected horses

A quarantine ban has been lifted on one of two barns at a Deagon training facility after a third round of negatives wabs for the disease Strangles.

The Deagon trainer notified the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) that three of his thoroughbred race horses had tested positive for the disease last month and has been under strict quarantine since.

QRIC Commissioner Ross Barnett said the highly contagious disease which leaves horses unwell with cold like symptoms was not life threatening but could quickly spread throughout the horse population if not contained.

“While 10 horses in the affected barn will remain under quarantine until they recover from the infection, a second barn has been cleared after three rounds of negative tests.” he said.

“Twelve horses in the cleared barn are now free to resume training or be moved out of the stable.

“The trainer has indicated that the majority of the twelve cleared horses will be sent for a short spell before
returning to training at the Deagon track.

“The barn containing the infected horses continues to remain under quarantine while all horses recover from the infection. Stringent biosecurity will remain in place at that barn until testing proves it is free from infection,” theCommissioner said.

“The health and welfare of racing animals is of the utmost importance and local trainers should be aware of the possibility of infection.”