Stewards allow weight concessions due to COVID-19 restrictions

9 January 2021

QRIC Chief Thoroughbred Steward Peter Chadwick has announced that due to the unavailability of spas and saunas due to the Brisbane COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, Stewards will allow a +0.5kg overweight concession on all weights, but only with an application to the Stewards and with the consent of the trainer.

Trainers will have the option of a replacement jockey if they are available.

QRIC Stewards made the decision today after consultation with the Queensland Trainer’s Association (QTA) and Queensland Jockey’s Association (QJA).

The concession applies to all Queensland race meetings during the lockdown period only.

Mr Chadwick said the QJA has advised jockeys to contact trainers early to give them time to consider their options.