Rider Overweight Directive

2 December 2022

QLD Metropolitan, Provincial and TAB Country Meetings


The following overweights are permitted at all Queensland race meetings subject to the below conditions.

Handicap WeightMaximum Permitted Overweight

55.5kg or below — 1.0kg

56kg — 0.5kg

56.5kg — No overweight

  1. Jockey overweights are to be declared through the Racing Australia Service Centre prior to the advertised jockey declaration time.
  2. No approval to ride overweight will be given after rider declaration time.
  3. Failure to ride at the approved amended weight may lead to another rider being substituted, if available, and a penalty may be imposed.
  4. Should a senior rider who has been declared and advertised to ride overweight need to be replaced, the replacement rider is to ride at the advertised overweight.


  1. Apprentices are required to declare a Minimum Riding Weight (MRW), which must be advertised to the stewards by the time listed for final declarations for the meeting.
  2. Any Apprentice wishing to alter their MRW must lodge a written request, counter signed by their Master, with the Stewards department prior to acceptances for the meeting at which the altered MSW is to apply.
  3. At all race meetings Apprentices must claim their full allowance or ride at their MRW. Failure to meet this requirement may lead to another Apprentice being substituted and a penalty imposed for failing to claim their full allowance or meet the advertised MRW.
  4. Apprentices will not be permitted to claim below their advertised MRW.
  5. Under no circumstances will an apprentice be permitted to ride over their MRW unless otherwise approved by the Stewards.

Non-TAB meetings – subject to availability, jockeys can be declared up to 2kg overweight.

Joshua Adams

Chief Steward – Thoroughbreds