QRIC use of cones at trials/jumpouts protocol

Thursday 18 May 2023

The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission, in consultation with Racing Queensland (RQ) and the Australian Jockeys Association (AJA) have developed the following protocol regarding the safe use of cones (witches hats/markers) at official trials/jump-outs.

5.8 Running Rails – Inside and Outside – minimum standard

All tracks must have inside and outside running rail and/or approved appropriate fencing.

All rails must be RQ approved material. Plastic, colour bond/steel or aluminium rail which provides satisfactory visibility (eg. white in colour) with a minimum cross section guideline/face of:

Inside rail – 100mm
Outside rail – 50mm

Tier 1: (Plastic rail) must have a movable, kick out / break-away rail system for inside of track.
Tier 2: (Plastic or non-plastic) with at least 1000m moveable section for turf tracks.

All rail heights must be between 1.1m to 1.4m, measured from the track surface to the top of the running rail/fence.

The true position of the rail must be surveyed to ensure accurate rail placement, accurate starting distances and to ensure any subsequent rail moves remain accurate. Distances for each race start are measured 1.0m from face of running rail.

Rails must be straight and of a consistent height with smooth sweeping curves on the bends and no exposed pins or joint protrusions. All components (posts, rails, fittings etc) must be in sound condition.

Inside rail:
The final 100m of the inside rail must be red. Alternate colours must be approved by RQ and/or QRIC. Inside rail within a chute should be fixed in place and a guide rail must be used from the inside of the barrier stalls.

AR 135 Races around markers
(1) If a PRA approves a race being conducted outside markers, a rider must not, in the opinion of the Stewards:
(a) permit the rider’s horse to go inside a marker;
(b) make insufficient effort to prevent the rider’s horse from going inside a marker;
(c) either directly or indirectly cause another runner to go inside a marker;
(d) permit the rider’s horse to continue in the race after it goes inside a marker.
(2) The markers referred to in subrule (1) must be of a design and placement approved by a PRA.

  1. As per the Racing Queensland minimum standards, all tracks must have inside and
    outside running rail and/or approved appropriate fencing.
  2. The club must notify stewards, Racing Queensland and riders that cones will be used
    prior to the first trial/ jumpout.
  3. Cones can only be used on a course proper tracks – not a A/B grass/trial tracks.
  4. The width of the track must be a minimum of 20m wide at its narrowest point.
  5. Cones must be between 30cm and 45cm in height.
  6. Cones must be a minimum distance of +4m out from the running rail to allow
    sufficient room for horses to shift in if necessary.
  7. There must be at least +16m of track between the placement of the cone and the
    outside rail.
  8. No two-year-olds or unraced horses are to trial/ jump out around cones.
  9. Cones must be spaced 50m apart.
  10. Clubs must inspect the track after each trial to place cones back in original place.
  11. Trials around cones would be limited to fields of 6 horses.

Joshua Adams
Chief Steward – Thoroughbreds