QRIC urges owners and trainers to keep ill greyhounds home

The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) is calling on all greyhound owners and trainers to check the health of their greyhounds before bringing them to race or trial and if they are ill they must scratch them from racing.

In the past week several greyhounds have exhibited signs of illness and today, eight greyhounds have been scratched from racing due to illness.

At this stage the illness appears to be confined to greyhounds in South East Queensland, but as it is in its early stages, all trainers and owners must be aware.

QRIC veterinarians are investigating the cause of the illness which presents as vomiting, diarrhoea, a high temperature and lethargy.

Animal Welfare and Veterinary Services Director Dr Martin Lenz said at this stage it has not been determined what the illness is, but it appears it is contagious.

“We are working to contain the illness and I’m calling on trainers and owners to keep any dogs exhibiting symptoms isolated on their properties,” he said.

“Please consider your biosecurity arrangements and do not move any greyhounds that are showing these signs of illness.

“So we can contain the illness we would like all owners and trainers to please contact the Stewards if any of their greyhounds are ill.”

The Commission will continue to update the industry.


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