Big boost for State’s racing industry crime fighters

28 April 2023

The State’s racing industry regulator is expanding its crime fighting abilities thanks to an expanded partnership with the Queensland Police Service (QPS).

The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) investigates a range of matters in relation to the racing industry, including the mistreatment of racing animals, fraud, illegal betting offences and other wrongdoings right throughout the State.

Racing Integrity Commissioner Shane Gillard said under a new partnership with the QPS Rural and Stock Crime Squad, QRIC’s crime fighting footprint has increased significantly.

“Up until now, we’ve worked closely with the QPS through the Racing Crime Squad which comprises of up to five officers based in Brisbane,” Mr Gillard said.

“Under our new partnership with QPS and the Rural and Stock Crime Squad, our investigators will be working with up to 32 QPS investigators who are based all around Queensland.

“The ability to partner with the police and reach into rural and remote regions to catch racing industry criminals is a huge win for the Commission.

“This model would have assisted our investigations into the recent alleged use of an illegal electronic device at the Birdsville races in September, given the tyranny of distance our investigators face in a state like Queensland.”

Mr Gillard said the Rural and Stock Crime Squad had officers stationed at 10 locations throughout Queensland, from Toowoomba to Mareeba, Cloncurry to Kingaroy and Charleville to Charters Towers.

“An increase into the investigative footprint means we can respond quicker to potential leads and hopefully reach a case outcome faster, too,” he said.

“The QRIC and QPS are committed to stamping out illegal and criminal activity within the racing industry.

“Whilst the majority of racing industry participants do the right thing and operate within the law, any amount of criminal activity can tarnish the sport and will not be tolerated.”


QRIC Media Contact: Chris Reid 0418 656 244