New Racing Australia Codes of Practice reminder

11 July 2023

The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission is reminding all thoroughbred racing participants that Racing Australia has adopted five new Codes of Practice and consequential amendments to the Rules of Racing (AR 78, 88B and 297) which seek to improve animal welfare outcomes.

Racing Queensland (RQ) has adopted the rule changes and the Codes of Practice, which took effect from 1 June, 2023, in line with other jurisdictions.

The QRIC is enforcing the new rules, and the new Codes of Practice apply to the following:

  • Horses that have not started for 12+ months
  • Cardiac arrhythmias detected during post event inspections
  • Compulsory reporting of major fractures, orthopaedic surgery and approval of affected horses to return to racing
  • Veterinary inspections for 12-year-old horses, and
  • Reinstatement of a retired racehorse.

See the new Codes of Practice here on the RQ website.

For further information contact QRIC stewards at