Modified whip discovery results in animal cruelty charge

24 September 2020

Oakey Thoroughbred Trainer Patrick Sexton has pleaded guilty of being in possession of a modified whip capable of inflicting cruelty to a horse.

The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) Integrity Investigations Team (IIT) recently found the unapproved and modified whip in a vehicle belonging to the trainer at his Oakey stables and confiscated it.

At a Steward’s Inquiry this week Mr Sexton pleaded guilty to a breach of Rule 231(1)(a) of the Australian Rules of Racing.  

A person must not:

commit or commission an act of cruelty to a horse, or be in possession of any article or thing which, in the opinion of the Stewards, is capable of inflicting cruelty to a horse.

QRIC Stewards said possession of the whip that had been modified with a piece of wire attached to its tail was a serious breach of the rules due to the significant impact on the welfare of the horses that may be subjected to its use.

Mr Sexton was fined $2000.


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