QRIC calls on all thoroughbred racehorse owners to update their records

The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission is calling on all racehorse owners and trainers to update their registered racehorse records under the Australian Rules of Racing.

A review of Racing Australia’s records indicates that there are many thoroughbred horses whose current status and location may not be recorded accurately in the Racing Australia records.

Queensland Racing Integrity Commissioner Ross Barnett said the Commission is writing to those owners and trainers today who have been identified as having horses in their care that may have been spelling for 12 months or more and registered racehorses who are registered as active racehorses but have not raced in 12 months or more.

“Accurate data pertaining to the status and location of registered racehorses is important for ensuring the welfare of racing animals and an investment in public confidence in racing,” he said.

“The Australian Rules of Racing state that a manager of a horse, or his or her agent, must notify Racing Australia of the retirement of a racing horse and the death of a named or unnamed horse.

“A manager, or his or her agent is also required to disclose any change in the previously notified location of an unnamed horse.”

Commissioner Barnett said owners and trainers of thoroughbreds must update their records in relation to the status and location of all horses in their care with Racing Australia, preferably by logging onto Stable Assist or alternatively, contacting Racing Australia on 1800 138 704 by 24 April 2020. 

The Commission is planning a similar message to the Harness racing industry in the near future.

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