Large fine for Brisbane Harness Trainer’s TC02 breach

25 September 2020

Brisbane Harness Trainer Donny Smith has been fined $15,000 after he was found guilty of administering an alkalising agent on race day.

QRIC Stewards charged Mr Smith with bringing Celtic Cruza to race at Albion Park on 20 June 2020 with an elevated TCO2 level due to the administration of an alkalinising agent that day.

Queensland Racing Integrity Commission Chief Harness Steward David Farquharson said despite a blitz on pre-race testing, some participants were continuing to flout the prohibited substance and race day administration rules.

“These breaches of the rules are disappointing and despite the warnings and ongoing pre-race testing, they are an ongoing problem for the integrity of the sport,” he said.

“Mr Smith has had four previous breaches of this rule within five years and he has been handed a large fine.

“The penalty must serve as a deterrent to illustrate that race day administration of alkalising agents to elevated levels will not be tolerated and regulation by the Commission is of paramount importance to the integrity of harness racing.”

Mr Smith was also suspended for a period of six months fully suspended for a period of two years and Celtic Cruza was disqualified from the 20 June race.

Steward’s Report


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