Licences in jeopardy over unpaid debts

20 April 2023

The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) has recently suspended a number of licences held by racing industry participants for failing to pay their debts.

A concerted debt recovery campaign has brought in thousands of dollars in unpaid fines issued to participants to pay up. 

Most participants pay their fines when they are due and the Commission thanks those who have paid their  fines on time. However, a minority of participants choose not to pay, which is unfair to the majority of industry participants who do the right thing. 

The debt recovery campaign sends a strong message that debtors will pay the consequences if their fines remain unpaid, and that includes suspending more licences if debtors don’t come forward and talk to the Commission about their circumstances or pay their debt.

Most suspended participants have had their licences reinstated once the debt has been paid or they have made arrangements to repay their debts in instalments, but it is unfortunate that action against participants’ licences was required to bring their debts under control. 

If you do not pay or at least enter into an arrangement to pay your debt, the Commission will also be adding your name to the Racing Queensland forfeits list. 

It is a condition of the Commission’s penalty standards, and holding a licence, that all debts are paid within 30 days or risk further penalty.

If you owe a debt to the Commission, find out how to pay here : How to pay