Industry reminded of their licensing obligations

11 November 2020

The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission reminds all thoroughbred racing participants about their licensing obligations, ensuring they display licensing identification cards and all participants must be licensed.

Chief Thoroughbred Steward Peter Chadwick is calling on all licensed people to clearly display their licence ID card when acting in their capacity of their licence in accordance with the rules of racing.

“It is of paramount importance that at all times, including at trackwork that all jockeys, trainers, trackwork riders, stable hands show that they are licensed at all times,” he said.

“Race day Stewards and Integrity Investigation Team Stewards carry out licence checks during race days and inspections, and it is incumbent on all to ensure they can provide proof of their licensing status.

“It is disappointing that several unlicensed people have been detected working on racetracks throughout Queensland in recent times.

“Trainers responsible for the employment of unlicensed people have been and will continue to be penalised for employing unlicensed personnel.

“This is a serious issue relating to the safety of everyone on track and for the welfare of horses,” Mr Chadwick said.

If participants have lost their Licence ID and require a replacement, simply advise the Commission in writing and request a new Licence ID.

Everyone is reminded that failure to display your Licence ID may result in action being taken by the Stewards under the Rules of Racing.


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