A reminder to all trainers – Injectable products containing cobalt salts are banned

21 July 2023

The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission is reminding all trainers that:
The Australian Rules of Racing prohibits:

  • the possession of injectable products containing cobalt salts; and
  • the administration of cobalt salts by injection.

These bans are set out in new rules AR 252A (possession) and AR 254A (administration).

Penalties apply for failing to comply with these rules. There is no place for injectable supplements containing cobalt salts in racing when there is no therapeutic rationale for their use.

This is because (among other things):

  • a typical daily diet of a racehorse meets their daily dietary cobalt requirement;
  • there have been no reported cases of cobalt deficiency in horses; and
  • there is no nutritional, medical or welfare justification for the administration of cobalt by injection to a horse at any time.

For more information see the RA notice.

Trainers not on course must place horses in the care of another licensed trainer

A further reminder to trainers who aren’t present at the racecourse for a race meeting, that they must put their horse(s) in the care of another licensed trainer.

LR.44 Trainer not present at Race Meeting.

If a trainer is unable to attend a race meeting at which a horse trained by him is to be a runner, not less than one hour before the advertised starting time of the race the stewards shall receive a letter signed by the trainer authorising another trainer or a stable hand approved of by the stewards and mentioned in the letter to manage and control the horse at the race meeting.

The provisions of this rule shall not apply when the management and control of the horse rests with the trainer’s foreperson.

For further information contact Stewards@qric.qld.gov.au