Industry notice – Cobalt contamination

22 November 2021

The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission has been made aware that Furneys Stockfeeds commercially available feeds, in particular the following products, have been found to contain levels of cobalt above that specified on the labels.

It is noted that these products have been distributed in Queensland for sale.

Trainers are advised that the following products may result in horses being presented to race with a cobalt level above the prescribed threshold.

Date            Product Name                         Label Number

21-Oct-21    Furneys Koola Komplete No Molasses 20kg     88559-88717, 82462-82775

15-Sep-21    Furneys Koola Komplete No Molasses 20kg    88071-88485

14-Sep-21    Furneys Koola Komplete No Molasses 20kg     87900-88070

16-Aug-21    Furneys Koola Komplete No Molasses 20kg     87746-87826, 89286-89609

16-Aug-21    Furneys Koola Komplete No Molasses 20kg     87828-87899

27-Jul-21      Furneys Koola Komplete No Molasses 20kg     85774-86067, 87505-87742

22-Oct-21     Furneys Koola Komplete Molasses 20kg          958598-958719, 953258-953518

24-Sep-21    Furneys Koola Komplete Molasses 20kg          957542-957725, 959327-959519

26-Aug-21    Furneys Koola Komplete Molasses 20kg         957187-957541

29-Jul-21      Furneys Koola Komplete Molasses 20kg         956830-957186

16-Jul-21      Furneys Koola Komplete Molasses 20kg         961172-961308

24-Sep-21    Furneys Racehorse Komplete                          875750-875887, 878406-878461

10-Aug-21    Furneys Racehorse Komplete                          875389-875749