Harness Trainer charged with causing the race day administration of an alkalinising agent

Queensland harness racing Trainer Trent Hodges has been charged with causing the administration of an alkalinising agent to a horse he trained.

Queensland Racing Integrity Commission Stewards inquired into the analysts finding of an elevated Total Carbon Dioxide concentration (TCO2) level found in the blood sample taken from Its You Not Me at Redcliffe on 13 August 2020.

The analysis indicated an elevated TCO2 level of 36.6 mmol and Stewards subsequently found Mr Hodges guilty of AHR 196C(2)(c) and fined him $5000.

Stewards ruled that the only creditable explanation for the high reading was the administration of an alkalinising agent on race day.

Its You Not Me was disqualified from the 13 August race at Redcliffe and places were amended accordingly.

The Commission is now publishing the elevated TCO2 results for standardbred and thoroughbred race horses on it’s website.

Steward’s Report


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