Community and industry have their say

The Queensland community and the racing industry have had their say in response to the 2021 Queensland Racing Integrity Commission Community and Industry perceptions survey.

The annual survey, carried out this year through independent survey company Kantar, indicates sentiment about the Commission and the racing industry.

Acting Queensland Racing Integrity Commissioner Paul Brown said the responses from the community and the industry were important to the Commission.

“Many of you took the time to participate in the industry survey and I thank you for providing responses that assist the Commission determine how it engages with you in the future,” he said.

Of those surveyed, three in five community members said there had been an improvement in racing integrity in the past year.

Community respondents said improvements in the industry were attributed to a perceived lack of negative media coverage in recent times, and a belief that the racing industry has improved because of public attention, and a perception of improvements in overall industry standards.

Adherence to regulations has led to improved community perceptions of integrity, as around three in five community members surveyed believed there has been an improvement in the integrity of thoroughbred, harness, and greyhound racing.

The survey results noted that improvements were needed regarding the perception of animal welfare both during and after racing.

There was agreement in the community that the level of integrity has improved over the past 12 months and this correlates to an improvement in the awareness of the Commission.

The community indicated they would like to see the Commission focusing on animal welfare, enforcement, regulations, and being a transparent governing body working towards a better racing industry.

Results from the Commission’s industry survey highlighted that while each racing code faced different challenges, all racing codes consistently rated community perception as the greatest challenge for the industry.

Industry participants perceived the level of integrity in racing in the past 12 months as largely sound; however rated integrity as ‘okay’ or higher.

Awareness among industry participants of the Commission’s Report Something portal was positive and a willingness to use the hotline was high across all three codes. The Report Something portal can be accessed on the QRIC website at

Industry participants indicated that an improvement in the negative publicity surrounding the Queensland racing industry would have positive implications for the industry and all of those involved in it.

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