Commission’s substance control strategy gets results

14 March 2023

The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) has increased its reportable prohibited substance findings after six months of its new prohibited substance control strategy.

The Commission put the Queensland racing industry on notice in September last year as it launched a new testing strategy which had a greater focus on the element of surprise, overriding the past where testing all winners was routine. 

The Commission is sliding back the veil into its testing regime which places emphasis on collecting the right sample type, whether it be hair, blood or urine at the right time, whether it be in or out of competition to get the best results. 

Commissioner Shane Gillard said this approach is optimal for the detection of those prohibited substances that posed the most risk to the welfare of animals and the integrity of racing.

“The industry will see the results when the cheaters are caught when they least expect it,” he said.

“We’re more informed than ever, with intelligence analysts, betting analysts, veterinarians and stewards working together to ensure that the Commission’s sampling is evidence led and risk based.”

In a video presentation that features some of the Commission’s most experienced and skilled staff, Mr Gillard invites you to come behind the scenes with him in this step-by-step guide to the prohibited substance control strategy in action.

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