Licensing requirements for animals and participants in the greyhound racing industry in Queensland

Under section 64 of the Racing Integrity Act 2016, the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission
(the QRIC) is empowered to publish a standard for the licensing of animals and participants to partake in the greyhound code of racing in Queensland.

The QRIC licenses and registers participants and animals in accordance with the relevant national Rules of Racing and local Rules of Racing adopted by Racing Queensland under the Racing Act 2002.

To be licensed in Queensland, participants must show that they are fit and proper to be involved in the greyhound racing industry. All participants must comply with the following requirements to be licensed and continue to hold a licence:

  • be fit and able to perform the duties of the relevant licence
  • be physically fit to perform the duties of a particular license category
  • have the stated skills and knowledge required for a licence
  • be able to display the appropriate level of mental fitness to make correct decisions in relation to behaviour, by demonstrating a continuing moral commitment to good behaviour and good character.

A participant must also show evidence of their proprietary and good character. In determining proprietary, the QRIC will consider the participant’s disciplinary history, criminal history, reputation and character.

As per the previous penalties issued by the Racing Queensland Board in response to live-baiting issues, the QRIC will penalise a participant, where they are convicted of live-baiting.

Under the Licensing Standard, any participant will not be granted a licence, or will have their license cancelled, where the participant has been convicted of an offence against a law of Queensland, or Australian jurisdiction, where the criminal activity takes place after 1 July 2016. Relevant offences include:

  • dishonesty, fraud, forgery, match-fixing
  • animal welfare or cruelty to animals
  • trafficking or supply of drugs, illicit or illegal substances.

These requirements have been put in place to remove anyone from the racing industry who is found to have committed an animal welfare offence, including, but not limited, to live-baiting.

The QRIC has no power to regulate racing activities, such as breeding or training, outside of the State of Queensland. Therefore the Commission does not licence people who reside and conduct their business interstate.

The QRIC will continue to acknowledge the pre-existing arrangements, which allow for participants who hold current licences issued by another Principal Racing Authority or Controlling Body in another State or Territory in Australia or New Zealand to participate in race meetings in Queensland.