QRIC Equine Welfare Program

The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (the Commission) supports clubs, associations and organisations that align with the Commission’s objective of promoting post-racing career opportunities for racehorses by including classes or events that cater for recently retired racehorses.

Every racehorse owner and trainer will face the time when their racehorse comes to the end of its racing career.

The Commission recognises the need to address the issue of unnecessary losses of horses from the racing industry and has been proactive in developing the Equine Welfare Program to promote the many post-retirement career alternatives.

The aim of this program is to stimulate demand for retired racehorses in alternative careers where their versatility and athleticism can be showcased.

The Commission’s Equine Welfare Program has identified a number of events that meet the objectives of the EWP which promote life after racing, including the Royal National Association (RNA) Brisbane EKKA and Brisbane Triequithon.

The Commission is also instigating partnerships with tertiary institutions whose research focusses on racing animal welfare projects that align with the Commission’s Animal Welfare Strategy objectives:

Objective 1: Minimise ‘wastage’ of racing animals.

The Commission will minimise ‘wastage’ of racing animals through promotion of more informed breeding and increased participant responsibility for welfare and end of career alternatives.

Objective 2: Maximise career opportunities for all racing animals.

The Animal Welfare Strategy must find the balance between providing sufficient animals to support a competitive racing industry and reducing ‘wastage’, by maximising career longevity for all racing animals.

Objective 3: Enhance welfare and safety of racing animals.

The welfare and safety of racing animals will be enhanced through evidence-based welfare standards, provision of proficient race day veterinary services and timely, proactive investigation of animal welfare complaints.

For further information contact the Commission’s Animal Welfare department at or 1300 087 021.