Greyhound racing continues with continued vigilance on animal welfare, integrity

Greyhound racing will continue in Queensland with continued vigilance on animal welfare and integrity, Racing Minister Grace Grace said.

“Queensland was the first State to act in response to greyhound live baiting cases last year,” the Minister said.

“We acted immediately to stop the sickening abuse that was exposed, and put the greyhound industry on notice that it had to clean up its act.

“Clearly, the greyhound industry is aware that it’s on its last chance.

“That’s why we’ve established a new Queensland Racing Integrity Commission to oversee animal welfare across all three codes of racing.

“This is the best-resourced racing integrity body in the country and it will not hesitate to punish anyone involved in animal cruelty.

“The MacSporran Commission of Inquiry did not recommend a total ban on greyhound racing.

“Instead, it recommended a stronger integrity regime to ensure animal welfare is front and centre across all three racing codes.

“We’re in the process of implementing all of MacSporran’s recommendations, including a consistent program of monitoring dogs from birth to maturity to ensure that no animal will be able to disappear off the map.

“I want to warn any racing industry participants that do the wrong thing that you will be caught, and you will be dealt with.

“We’ll continue to monitor the welfare of all racing animals, and take any appropriate action as required.” 

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